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Jefferson Tweets as Jefferson

• On the British Navy: I salute Madison with affectionate salutations & assurances of constant esteem for working to settle a limit with the British concerning naval forces within our waters. —Tweet by Will
• On U.S. gunboats: Our coasts have been infested and our harbors watched by privateers. I have relocated gunboats from the Mediterranean to cruise within our own seas for the purpose of bringing the offenders in for trial. — Tweet by Ryan
• On the Chesapeake Bay: The armed vessels on the part of the British in the waters of the Chesapeake are being pursued, though this may lead to nothing further if their government proceeds no further. — Tweet by Elizabeth
• On the Chesapeake-Leopard Incident: On the 22nd day of June last the aggression began on the frigate Chesapeake by British armed vessels off the coast, having several of her crew killed and taken away, disabled to proceed. — Tweet by Erin
• On Marquis de Lafayette: The presence at New Orleans of my dear friend M. de La Fayette would be in the interest of everyone involved. Our absence at New Orleans might excite an opposition agreeable neither to the feelings nor interests of our country. — Tweet by Nicole
• On the Louisiana Purchase: Citizens, we now have sole dominion of the Mississippi and the Louisiana province. This purchase excludes us from bickering with foreign nations and secures to us the course of a peaceable nation. — Tweet by Blaise
• On the Louisiana Purchase: The Federalists will attack any principle known to come from me, despite the acquisition of the Louisiana province being perfect in all points. I rely on the nation to sanction an act done for its great good, as we now possess the island of New Orleans. — Tweet by Blaise
• On religious freedom: We must look forward in education, religion, & government. I thus appeal to Congress to legislate non-denominational universities. The Gothic idea that we are to look backwards instead of forwards is one of bigotry in religion & government.Tweet by Em
• On Tripoli: Settlements with the Basha of Tripoli, for peace and the release of our men, are to be arranged. If Tripoli is in agreement with these terms, an operation by land to find our prisoners will be conducted. — Tweet by Justin
• On the Napoleonic Wars: It seems now certain there will be an extensive war on the continent of Europe. All we can do is encourage Bonaparte and England to declare & guarantee our neutral rights. — Tweet by Grace

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